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According to the Census Bureau, millennials are currently the largest living group. That’s important because it means more millennials make up the consumer base than ever before, and business trends have been adapting to reflect that. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from taking a page out of the millennials’ book of trends to continue growing with ease.

Embrace Millennials

As stated, there are more millennials alive than any other demographic. Although they may seem to be selfish and narrow-minded, the truth is that this particular demographic merely operates in a different way than baby boomers have for years. Instead of sticking to what’s familiar, millennials prefer to seek creative solutions for their jobs while improving workforce efficiency. Ultimately, this “work smarter” mindset leads to innovative ideas that create beneficial changes in companies.

Training Remote Employees

There was once a time when the idea of hiring someone who didn’t work inside the building was unheard of. In the 21st century, however, businesses across all fields are beginning to hire remotely, with industries like tech almost relying exclusively on remote contract hire.

Remote employment grew in popularity as internet technology improved. Nowadays, little effort is necessary to host a meeting over Skype or social media messaging, so certain positions, like programming or customer support, only require access to the Internet.

Decisions with Big Data

Many cite being data-driven as a negative business trend, but traditionalists may just be looking at the concept from the wrong angle. Using data doesn’t mean treating it like a steering wheel and relying exclusively on the numbers to play CEO. Although data reveals truths about customers, it’s not law and it doesn’t know best. For best results, combine collected data with the opinions of team members as well as the knowledge your company already has regarding what its customers want.

Improve Social Media

Social media marketing is one of those things that everyone seems to be doing, but only a few are doing so effectively. Most don’t take advantage of the analytic tools the various platforms have to offer. Even with the highest-quality content and rapid response to comments, you won’t get the most out of your social media tools if you don’t pay attention.

In fact, social media platforms are one of the primary ways that big data can collect as much as it does. Using websites designed to display personal information and interests like badges, customers essentially hand you a pamphlet telling you how to run your business such that they’ll buy services or products. They’re already speaking — you just have to listen.

If you don’t already have a social media marketing manager, it may be in your company’s best interests to make that your next hire. With the valuable information that social media platforms provide, the company will more than make back any business credit invested.

Quality Blogging

Maybe your business already has a regular blog, but is the content worth reading? Blogging isn’t a new trend for 2017, but it’s only getting bigger. However, this means that, in the quest to be visible, many companies created blogs focused on SEO instead of readable content.

Customers have noticed this because they know how to differentiate quality content and something that looks like a generator spit out. If the blog doesn’t inform in an exciting, engaging manner, it won’t retain readership, and it certainly won’t convert anyone into customers.

Trust, Not Sales

In the same vein, it’s important to build an honest relationship with customers instead of trying to sell them something. People have had salesmen on their real and virtual doors for years, and they’re tired of companies who only care about adding more dollars to their bottom line. What has been working, and what will continue to work in 2017, are supportive services and mobile apps. Apps can require a fair bit of initial capital to invest, but it often returns a significant ROI if it complements your services well. Contact us today to learn more about small- and medium-sized business funding.

Although it’s impossible to predict exactly where trends will end up until we’ve made our way well into 2017, these are the biggest strategies that seem to be worth jumping on as soon as possible. People want to be comfortable with the company they’re shopping from, and one of the best ways to curate that comfort is to speak their language.

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