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5 reasons your business should offer coupons

Many people think using coupons is out of date in today’s digital world. But there are some very good reasons why your business should offer coupons. Here are five of them.

To increase sales

When you use coupons, your hope is that you will drive more customers to your store. While you are reducing the price on the item the coupon is for, you are hoping for a sufficient sales volume increase to offset the discount. Another hope is that people who come to your store to use the coupon find other things they want to buy.

To get new customers

As long as coupons have been around, one of their main purposes has been to drive new customers to the store. For many people, a coupon that offers a freebie or a significant discount is the only way to get them through the door. While many of those coupon users will visit your store once to use the coupon and never return, at least some will be converted into regular customers, which is something that may not have happened without the coupon offer.

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Essential Office Equipment That Your Business Needs

The right office equipment is essential to running a successful business. Without a proper setup, your employees will likely feel uncomfortable at work and won’t be able to perform their job duties efficiently.
Whether you’ve recently started a business or you need to update your office space, make sure to include the following essential items on your checklist:

Projector for PowerPoint Presentations

One of the most unprofessional things you can do is show a PowerPoint presentation using a laptop or desktop screen. Printing PowerPoint presentations and handing them out during meetings is also unprofessional and might be cause for customers or employees to have a negative opinion about your business management and budgeting skills.

Invest in a projector and screen. Your employees will be able to properly show presentations without feeling embarrassed about lacking the proper equipment.

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How Cloud Applications Benefit Small Businesses

Many small businesses are using cloud-based applications for social media, email, and banking. However, as the technology grows, more companies will use the cloud in more innovative ways. Currently, the cloud is a great solution for small businesses because of the costs, the security benefits, and the collaboration options.

Understanding the Costs

Because cloud-based applications have variable costs, small business owners can leverage the technology. Platforms that use the cloud are scalable and flexible, so managers can easily share and control their data.

Security Benefits

The cloud is an expansive, inexpensive platform that stores important information securely. After the data is transferred, the technology backs up everything and provides protection against cyber security breaches. The cloud helps small businesses run safety 24/7 because it has a solid infrastructure.

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Pump Up Brand Recognition Through Facebook

Having trouble getting a foot in the door with certain customers? You are not alone. Many companies complain that they are simply unable to get the threshold of customers to even recognize their brand. They need this because they need people to know who they are and what they stand for. Thus, using Facebook to improve upon brand awareness is an essential step to take for almost all small businesses.

Facebook marketing can quickly become a major business expense if it starts to take off. Those who do this right can see their value increase rapidly but also the cost of maintaining that value. This may require some borrowing on the part of small business to finance this growth for the time being. That is when they turn to Business Credit and Capital.

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How to Get Your Content Noticed on Social Media

Just like all other forms of digital advertising, getting your business’s content noticed on social media is no simple task. Even businesses with a great product, top tier staff, and ample funding can find themselves struggling to make any headway with their social media accounts for months or even years on end. If this sounds like your own situation, then take a look at these few tips and tricks that will help you finally make that breakthrough and create a powerful online presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all other social media platforms.

Bring Your Personality to the Forefront

Even in relatively serious industries, it is extremely important to loosen the tie and inject some personality into your social media. No matter how great a company may be, a bland social media presence is going to stagnant at best and drive away potential leads at worst. While you do not need to turn your accounts into an ongoing comedy routine, customers want to see that there is a living human being behind the account and not a faceless corporation.

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