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Important Steps to Take When You Hire Your First Employees

Employees are the lifeblood of any small business or startup. Their actions represent your brand’s integrity and professionalism and their intellectual contributions can help propel your business to the next level. But come hiring day, most business owners struggle to find the right group of individuals thus ending up with a week employee base. Here are 5 important steps you should take when hiring your first employees.

Set a Capital Limit

If you’re hiring your first employees, your business is most probably on its infancy stage and not generating any revenue yet, at least not consistently. Plan and prepare for the costs of procuring your employee base. The more skill and experience candidates bring to the table, the higher salaries they will be demanding. If capital is running dry, seek an investment from Business Credit & Capital. With cash advance options specifically designed for businesses like retailers and restaurants, you can sell a percentage of your future profits and use the upfront payments without any limitations.

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Reasons That Your Business Could Be Missing Out On Potential Customers

If a business loses many potential customers, sales will suffer throughout the year. According to industry experts, there are seven reasons why shoppers don‘t spend their money at certain stores.

Frequent Employee Changes

The most successful businesses turn potential customers into loyal customers because the managers hire great employees. Business relationships help companies grow, so you should not rotate your sales teams and sales reps when it is not necessary.

Poor Sales Copy

If your e-commerce store is losing potential customers, your audience probably does not understand the sales copy. The content should be interesting; if the content is complex, visitors will leave the page quickly.

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Motivate Your Sales Team with These Easy Rewards

Your sales team is the heart of your business and, if they are not motivated, your business is going to suffer. Choosing the right rewards to motivate your sales team can be a challenge for any business owner. However, if you do choose the right one, you will notice the difference immediately. The following are some ideas for an easy reward system that will get everyone on your sales team motivated to be the top seller:

Monetary Incentives

Beyond the regular commission, offering your sales team monetary incentives may be a turning point in how many sales your team generates. The fact is that money is often the motivator for many people. As long as they know they will earn more money, they will work harder.

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