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Ways to Get People Interested in Your Business Blog


Blogging has become way more than just a buzz word. Making blog posts on a regular basis not only gives your customers additional information and a new way to interact with you, but it also increases your web “real estate”, giving you a greater chance of being found in the search engines. Of course, it’s hard to push through it when your web stats are showing that only a few people are checking out your blog. Check out these tips if you’re ready to take things to the next level.

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Easy To Avoid Business Mistakes


Running a business requires nothing less than the complete commitment of all your energies to the daily tasks of providing the best products and services for your customers. Many small businesses owners fail to anticipate the problems that can occur in normal day-to-day operations. Managing these problems and preparing for the unexpected can help small businesses succeed in the changing world of today’s economy. Here are a few problems you can avoid easily to ensure your business has the best chance for success:

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Keep Your Website’s Content Updated and Increase Your Site’s Traffic and Search Engine Ranking


The Need for Fresh Web Content

If your website isn’t ranked where you’d like, doesn’t have the volume of visitors you desire and isn’t generating any buzz whatsoever, you may want to consider refreshing the content on a more frequent basis.

Refreshing web content encourages visitors to return, gives web crawlers a reason to update your site’s metrics which can result in increased page ranking by search engines.

Update Daily

Ideally, web content should be updated daily. Users who are interested in your content will bookmark your site, share your URL with friends, family and coworkers and check back frequently to look for new visual content, information, products and sales information. 

Having this critical information available can mean the difference between visitor conversion and visitors who never return at all. 

It is critical to make some update to your web content every day.

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Do Outsourcing Firms Work?


Outsourcing has been one of the hottest trends in business in the last 15 years. Many companies have been established to handle the demand from employers looking for ways to improve the flexibility of their workforce. The question is, does outsourcing help and do the firms that provide the service work?

What is Outsourcing?

When a company goes outside their employee workforce to find someone to perform a particular task, they are said to be “sourcing” that person’s expertise and skill set. Since they are going outside the company, they are “out-sourcing” the work.

In business terms, outsourcing is essentially hiring a contractor or a consultant to participate in a particular job or task and only paying them for their work on that task. From a financial standpoint, this is meant to allow the company to avoid the costs of employing someone, which can include insurance, payroll taxes, additional support, benefits and so forth.

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Ways To Attract New Business In The New Year


Heading into the new year, you want to start off strong and attract new customers to continue growing your business. Acquiring new customers isn’t limited to a larger marketing budget although that plays a critical role too. Read the following tips on how to attract new business in the new year as a small or medium business:

Humanize Your Business

A customer becomes loyal to your brand when he feels more connected or passionate about it. The quickest way to encourage customers to resonate with your brand is humanization. Let people in on who you are and what you stand for through your social media accounts and interactions with customers.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality, as long as you remain respectful. You can still be professional while presenting yourself as an individual who cares about more than business. When sending an email or replying to a comment on your blog, try throwing a smiley face in when appropriate. It helps humanize your business as well.
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