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How Online Lenders Help Small Businesses With Funding


With many mainstream and conventional financial systems across the world, it is very difficult for a small business to access a loan. A significant number of small and medium enterprises are usually unable to get bank loans due to lack of assets that can act as security. Finances are a great hindrance to the success of most of such businesses. However, there are now other ways you can get loans for your small business.The answer to such a problem is online lenders! This is where you can easily get funds to help you run your business. These are new types of money lenders who not only give you a loan but also use modern technology that makes their services efficient.

Where can you get a loan for your business?
Are you looking for a loan to service your working capital? The answer is Business Credit and Capital. At Business Credit and Capital (BCC), we will ensure your business succeeds by responding positively to your financial woes. We offer loans to retailers, shops, and food outlets all over the country. At Business Credit Capital you will also get cash advance swiftly, without having to go through many tiresome processes.

How to apply for a business loan
Applying for a business loan at Business Credit & Capital is convenient, fast and reliable. You can get a business cash advance to finance your small or medium business enterprise. Whatever business deal we get for you regarding a loan should be suiting you well. The first step is to get approved by meeting some small requirements.

These requirements are:
• Have a monthly revenue of at least $300
• Have at least a one-year remaining lease on your retail or business
• Should not have any outstanding bankruptcies
If you meet those simple requirements, then you are ready to get a loan from us.

How to contact us for your business cash advance
We have an easy application guideline on how to receive a cash advance from our company. All you need to do is complete a simple application on our website. Alternatively, you can download our application that is in PDF format. After downloading it, fill it in and send it to us by fax at 347-464-0503. There is also an option of emailing your filled form to

We will receive your application, analyze it, and get back to you in good time. For those who wish to apply over the phone, you can call Business Credit & Capital using 347-274-0907 or (718) 831-6934. You are also free to learn more about our programs. You can also review how we work and even how to become our partner. As the owner of a small business or even an interested client, feel free to visit our website

Advice and tips for small businesses
You can always get loans for your small business with bad credit. Most small businesses suffer from this prevalent problem. Alternative programs are there to help you get a loan that will help you fund your business. To be a smart business owner, you can try some tips that will help you stay clear of bad credit. You can utilize credit boosters by partnering with other businesses or even individuals who have larger credit-worth. You can also raise money through crowd funding, which is an online platform that works perfectly for small businesses.

Business Credit and Capital has been helpful to many small businesses out there. If you join us now, be sure to get many benefits accruing from our friendly credit terms. We have worked with many businesses all over the country, and a good package has been found for each. Visit us today and get funding that will help you grow your business!

Online lenders are working to simplify the processes of borrowing for small and medium businesses. With their secure online platforms, the lenders are enabling the business owners to access sufficient funds at the click of a button. What’s more, some platforms are also bringing together business owners in a bid to create and explore easier ways of financing their projects. This could be the future of financing business projects.

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Five Customer Appreciation Ideas


Show your patrons how much you value their loyalty with special customer appreciation ideas. Whether you offer products or services, tweak these suggestions to fit your area of the industry. Consider the money you spend hosting these events as advertising dollars and include them in your marketing budget. If your funds are limited, choose the ideas that cost less money, or consider checking into funding sources to gain more working capital to grow your company. Even if banks turn you down, places like Business Credit and Capital prides itself on supporting small business and medium size businesses.

Everyone likes something for free. Throw in the added excitement of winning something, and you have a perfect combination to keep repeat customers. The prize could be a gift basket of your products, a free service, or another fun item. This is where networking with other businesses in your area can come in handy, as well. For example, if you are a pastry shop raffle off a gift certificate to the local diner for a free burger. If you own a diner, trade with the pastry shop to hold a drawing for a free novelty cake or a dozen special cookies. The prize does not have to be expensive. Do this on a regular basis, even monthly, to get customers waiting in anticipation of finding out the prize for the next drawing

Special Sales
Everyone knows a good sale catches the eye of the most discerning of consumers. Once again, it does not have to be a large price reduction to grow your customer base. Market the specials based on the time of year. Keep it fresh by having the customer be an active part in receiving the discount. Consider 10 percent off purchases if a patron dresses up to reflect the season. For example, advertise that anyone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater gets the sale price on festive goodies. Or, anyone showing their hunting license during opener week receives a discounted service price.

Tie in your drawing or sales with seasonal contests. For example, everyone wearing an ugly Christmas sweater gets into a drawing or gets their picture taken to put up on a board at the cash register. Then, other customers vote on which sweater they like the most. Change it up monthly, keeping it fresh by offering different contests. In addition to fun dress up days, hold a love story or poetry competition for Valentine’s Day, a guess the number of jellybeans in a basket for Easter, and a patriotic artwork event for Independence Day.

A perfect way to show how much you appreciate your patrons, as well as the entire community, is to get involved with fundraisers for local charities or organizations. This could mean matching funds for a Cancer Walk, donating products or service gift certificate for charity raffles, or sponsoring a local youth team or club with gear. (The last option also allows you to place your business logo on T-shirts or other uniform pieces you donate.) Tie in your other customer appreciation ideas, such as offering an entry into a raffle for every item of food someone brings in for the local food shelf or a special discount for anyone taking part in a charity race.

Customer Appreciation Days
Having an annual, or more frequent, Customer Appreciation Day is a must for any company looking to expand its target market reach. Hold a special sale, drawing, contest and local fundraiser opportunity on these days. Offer free food and beverages, or really cheap menus with the proceeds benefiting the community. Network with other businesses on your block to hold larger events to attract even more patrons to check out your shop.

If your marketing budget is already stretched to the extreme, and you feel like you just can’t afford even the smallest of these customer appreciation ideas, it is important to check out options to increase your working capital. Business Credit and Capital offers business funding programs for every size company. Options include cash advances and lines of credit, as well as nontraditional payment choices, such as a percentage of your daily credit card transactions or banking options. Advertising to gain new patrons is one of the most important parts of growing your business. Marketing to ensure those customers feel appreciated is just as vital to your success.

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How to Find Your Star Employee


Whether you’re hunting for top new talent, or trying to identify your most promising employee to handle a new client or vital project, there is a consistent set of traits to look for. Knowledge and skills can be taught. But an exceptional character that drives business growth is rare. Here are some things to expect of a star employee.

Ambitious people are those who set goals for themselves. They want more responsibility and more challenges. They have higher expectations for themselves and work harder to achieve them. They understand that to get promoted they have to contribute more to the organization. This makes ambitious people more open to communication and problem-solving.

True, there are those who want more respect only because they think they deserve it. But in combination with some of the other traits on this list, ambition includes the willingness to earn advancement. You can count on ambitious workers to go above and beyond their normal duties, and do it gladly.

You will find that the best employees are passionate about their jobs and the company. They are engaged, focused, and driven to get things done in the right way. They fit the company culture because they naturally adapt to it. These are more devoted employees that will be around for the long haul, and honestly, care about the company and its future. Going through the motions and picking up a paycheck just isn’t in their nature.

People who are passionate about their jobs don’t see it as work so much as a life calling. Their love for what they do shows in their attitude and their need to surpass expectations. It is communicable to other employees so that everyone around them becomes more engaged. They enjoy staying busy and are comfortable being part of the team.

Reliable employees are those who put a high priority on their job and their duty to their employer. They listen to the information they’re given and follow instructions. They show respect for management and established procedures rather than trying to do things their own way or take the easiest route they can find.

Employees that are reliable appreciate their jobs. They make an effort to show up on time, collaborate with coworkers, keep deadlines, and keep managers informed about any issues. Loyal, dedicated employees that you can count on in even the bad times can be one of your best assets.

Self-motivated employees want to see results for their own satisfaction as well as the company’s success. You don’t have to push them to get things done or stay focused. They tend to learn more, work harder, and take criticism well because being of value is important to them. They set a standard for coworkers to follow, and don’t typically expect assistance, rewards, or recognition for even difficult tasks.

Employees that work hard with minimal supervision save you money. This is a concern for every business that’s struggling to stay profitable and build credit. A motivated and efficient workforce helps financial companies like Business Credit and Capital get you the loans you need to expand operations.

There are generally two approaches: proactive and reactive. People that are reactive need direction and tend to overlook strategy when undertaking responsibilities. Proactive people are thinkers. They plan ahead and look for ways to improve their methods to provide greater results for the company. They usually pay more attention to detail and learn from their experiences.

Proactive workers are able to anticipate needs and requests. They deliver a high level of service to colleagues and customers. Proactive workers are in control of their environment and manage their time and resources better. They tend to shine amongst disengaged employees who are slow to adapt and require hands-on supervision.

When promoting from within, it’s usually proactive employees you consider first.
Leadership roles go to those with self-confidence and devotion to duty. But there are other traits that make great leaders, such as interpersonal skills, character, planning, and appreciation for innovation and improvement. Spotting the star employees and putting their talents to use is one of the best management moves you can make.